Junction Avenue K-8 School

8th Grade Curriculum

English/Social Studies (2 Period integrated curriculum)

This two-period core program is based on the English/language arts and social science frameworks for California Public Schools.  Some of the important features in these frameworks include:
A literature-based program that encourages reading and exposes all students to significant literary works,
some of which are directly related to the social studies curriculum.
Instructional programs that emphasize the integration of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and the
teaching of language skills in the context of the social studies curriculum.
A writing program that focuses on the various stages of the writing process from pre-writing through post-
writing, and on fluency, content and correct grammar and punctuation.
The integration of the social studies curriculum into the English framework that will review the major ideas,
issues, and events preceding the founding of our nation.  Students will concentrate on the critical events of the
forming of the Constitution, the building of a new nation, the Civil War and Reconstruction, and the rise of
Industrial America and conclude with World War I.


Honors English/Social Studies (2 period integrated curriculum)

Honors classes require rigorous analysis of literature, complex written assignments, and more class discussion.  As students work to meet and exceed California State Content Standards, they will cover the material in great depth and at a fast pace. Honors classes include demanding curriculum, extended content, and more intense workload. Students that are accepted into the program will receive mandatory summer assignments.

Selection for Honors will be based on criteria established by the Board of Education through a screening process. (See attached information.)



Focus -- Physical Science
8th grader students will explore chemistry, physics, and astronomy.  You will build and launch rockets, design, build and race your own dragster and learn how planes fly.  You will explore the universe beyond our solar system and learn about the life and death of stars!  From the astronomical scale you will then focus on the microscopic, as you learn the parts and interactions of atoms and molecules.